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Setting Up your Star SP700 Impact Printer

Supported Printers

TouchBistro supports the following models of the Star SP700: SP712ML, SP742ML, and the SP742ME.


Before using your SP700 Impact Printer (usually used to print kitchen chits/tickets), you need to load it with paper and a ribbon cartridge. Both are supplied with your printer upon purchase.

Remember, always have sufficient and proper paper supplies in stock before you open for service.

Loading the Paper

1. The paper roll goes in the back section of the printer.

2. Slide the indicated lever forward to pop up the back section of the printer.

3. Put the paper roll in with paper feeding out from the bottom of the roll.

4. Pull the paper out of the print and past the metal tear guide. The yellow ply should be facing up and the white ply should be facing down, as pictured.

5. Close the back portion on top of the strip you’ve pulled out.

Loading Printer Ribbon

1. The ribbon goes in the front section of the printer.

2. On either side of the front section are little levers. Pull both of them up to open the front section.

3. The exposed ribbon is going to go in front of the printer head.

4. Ensure the printer ribbon has the tension knob face up.

5. Slip ribbon in front of the printer head. You may have to jiggle it a bit to get it to slip in front of the printer head.

6. Snap the plastic portion of the ribbon cartridge firmly into place.

7. The ribbon will have a bit of slack. Turn the tension knob to the right a bit to ensure the ribbon is taut.

8. Close the front section lid.

Connecting Your SP700

Before You Start

1. Ensure you’ve already configured your router.

2. Ideally you want to setup your thermal receipt printer first.

3. Ensure you have a Cat5 Ethernet cable of sufficient length to run from the router to the kitchen. Unlike the Star thermal printer, the SP700 does not come with a Cat5 Ethernet cable. We advise customers buy an Ethernet CAT5 cable long enough to connect between the printer and the router. Length needed is determined by measuring along the floor from the router to the location for the kitchen printer. Then add an additional 12 feet (a bit less than 4 meters) to account for above floor mounting.

Connecting the Hardware

After you’ve loaded the paper and ribbon and you’ve acquired a Cat5 Ethernet cable of sufficient length, you’re now ready to connect your printer.

1. Plug in your printer’s power cord into the back of the printer and then into an electrical socket. If you’re using a power strip and you’ve already set up your thermal printer, you will have the thermal printer and the Airport router already plugged into the power strip. Do not unplug these.

2. Do not turn your printer on yet.

3. Plug an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your printer.

4. Plug your Ethernet cable into your AmpliFi. Plug it into the port with double arrows. Do not plug it into the WAN port. That port is used to connect to your Internet modem.

Remember, always have sufficient and proper paper supplies in stock before you open for service.

Setup Your SP700 Printer in TouchBistro

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or tap the Home button, and launch TouchBistro and login as the Admin (if the Admin password has not been changed it’s 1234).

2. Tap Admin in the top right.

3. Tap Admin Settings.

4. Tap Printers & Kitchen Displays.

5. Tap Add in the top right-hand corner, and select Add Printer.

6. Wait a few moments for your printer (or printers) to appear in the New Printer screen. Tap your printer in the Available Printers list.

7. After selecting your printer, tap Next.

8. Tap Printer Name.

9. Either type a name for your new printer in the Name field, or make a selection from the list, for example Kitchen.

10. Tap Printer Properties.

11. Enter for the kitchen printer. If you add another printer, say a patio printer, It’s important to not duplicate an IP address or enter an IP address less than 201.

12. Tap Begin Setup.

13. Tap Print Test Page.

14. Tap Save.


When a printer isn’t responding, see Printer Status Messages to find out why your printer isn’t functioning properly.

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