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Printer Samples

Kitchen Ticket Samples

The following kitchen tickets were printed on a Star impact printer using Star mode. Star printers set for Epson mode will be slightly different, notably the printer font is slightly darker. Tickets on Epson impact printers will be roughly the same. However, Epson impact printers do not support red table information. You can customize kitchen tickets under Admin Settings | Bill & Chits.

Note: Epson ticket printers do not support printing table information in red.

To view a kitchen ticket, click on the link. The image will open in a new tab.

Ticket by Course then by Seat

Ticket by Seat then by Course

Ticket Fire Order

Pickup Ticket

Ticket Reprint

Void Ticket

Order Ticket with Banner

Ticket Large Font Option

Order Ticket with Custom Takeout Banner

Order Ticket with Seat Properties & Party Name at Top

Ticket Large Font Option with a Penny for Scale

Ticket Large Font Option with Table, Party Name, and Course-Separated Consolidation at Top


Below are examples of receipts generated by TouchBistro. Sign on Slip, Sign on Screen, and the Credit Card Refund receipts generated via integrated card payments. Also included are iWL220 receipts generated via the iWL220’s printer.

Sign on Slip Receipt

Sign on Screen Receipt

Credit Card Refund Receipt

Customer Receipt

iWL220 Credit Card Slip, if verified by PIN

iWL220 Refund Slip

iWL220 Transaction Not Approved

iWL220 Sign on Slip

iWL220 Batch Submit Report

Moneris Gift Card Activation


When you charge out an order, a table, or a cash register order to an account, you have the option to generate an account signature slip.

Account Signature Slip

End of Day Reads

End of Day

Sample Server Read

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