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Integrating/Connecting TouchBistro Reservations with TouchBistro POS


If you are using TouchBistro Reservations and TouchBistro POS, you can have them “talk” to each other. TouchBistro Reservations and TouchBistro POS work together in two ways.

1.  As you move a table through the dining process in TouchBistro POS, TouchBistro POS automatically changes the table status on TouchBistro Reservations.

2.  When you close a bill in TouchBistro POS, the items ordered by the reserving guest, bill spend, and tip amount get pushed to TouchBistro Reservations.

This guide will walk you through how the integration works.

Note: This guide shows the web app version of TouchBistro Reservations. However, the integration works with both the web app and iPad app versions.

Before You Begin

You Will Lose Existing In-App Reservations

When you enable the integration, TouchBistro POS’s internal Reservations feature is disabled. If you have upcoming reservations or any information from past reservations, you will need to copy these manually (e.g., take screenshots).

Ensure Your TouchBistro Representative Has Enabled the Integration

You will need to ensure your TouchBistro representative sets up your TouchBistro POS and TouchBistro Reservations for integration. If you would like the apps integrated, please email

Ensure Your Table Names Match in Both Apps

Double-check your table numbers in TouchBistro Reservations and TouchBistro POS match exactly. Table 1 in TouchBistro Reservations must have a Table 1 in TouchBistro POS. If they don’t match, then either rename your tables in TouchBistro Reservations to match TouchBistro POS or vice versa.

Enable the Integration in Cloud

1.  Login to your cloud portal. Click Partners | TouchBistro Reservations | Open Configuration.

2.  Click the drop-down box and select Enable.

3.  Click Save.

Using the Integration

Automatically Pushing Statuses to TouchBistro Reservations

1.  In TouchBistro Reservations, first ensure you’ve sat the entire party.

2.  Note what table the party has been seated at. In the pictured example, we’re seating the party at table 2.

3.  In TouchBistro POS, seat the party at the same table number (e.g., table 2).

4.  Add items to the order screen and then tap Send.

5.  After sending your items to your ticket printer(s), TouchBistro Reservations will automatically move the table to the Main Dish status.

6.  When the party requests the guest check, print it on TouchBistro POS.

7.  Upon printing the guest check, TouchBistro Reservations will automatically move the table to the Bill status.

8.  Take payment and then close the table (tap Close table).

9.  Upon closing the table, TouchBistro Reservations will automatically move the table to the Clean up status.

10. Finally, mark the table as Completed in TouchBistro Reservations.

Order History

Once you’ve closed the table in TouchBistro POS and then marked the table as completed in TouchBistro Reservations, TouchBistro POS will push the guest check details to TouchBistro Reservations. It is important you do it in the described order (close the table in TouchBistro POS then complete the table in TouchBistro Reservations). If you do it the other way, the guest check details will be lost.

When you view a client’s Order History, these details will be found here.

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