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How Your Diners Can Add the Web App to Their Phone’s Home Screen


Your Web App provides your diners with a range of functionality. They can manage their loyalty points and rewards. If you’re subscribed to the Digital Gift Card feature, diners can use it to purchase digital gift cards. With Loyalty Premium, the Web App allows the diner to receive in-app messaging and read them from within the Web App. As well, the diner can send feedback through the Web App.  Ultimately it’s of benefit for all if the diner adds the Web App to their phone’s home screen so they can use it similar to a native phone app.

Your diners will initially access your Customer Web App via the URL you pass on to them. They should enter into their phone’s web browser to access your Web App.

However, you should encourage your diners to save your app’s URL to their phone’s Home screen. This way they can launch it from their Home screen as if it’s a native phone app. This guide will show you how diners can do that. Relay these instructions to your customers as appropriate (printed handouts or instructions on your website).

Note: You are free to copy any and all text in this guide and use it in your venue’s promotional material to help educate your customers on the necessary steps.

Before You Begin

If you’ve not completed the Details tab step from the Customer Web App guide, do this now.

On your Customer Web App’s set up screen, tap the Details tab. Ensure the following:

1.  You’ve entered an appropriate name in the Adjust Short Name field. This will be the text label under the Customer Web App’s shortcut icon saved on the diner’s Home screen.

2.  Upload one or more of your own branded icons to represent your Customer Web App shortcut on the diner’s Home screen.

Click Save Changes when you’re done.

How the Customer Can Save the Shortcut Icon on iPhone

After the diner opens the URL in his/her iPhone’s browser, the diner should tap the Sharing icon and

Tap Add to Home screen.

This will add it to the Home screen using both the icon you upload under the Details tab as well as the short name you used under the Details tab.

When the diner launches the Customer Web App from the saved app, it will present as if it is a native app.

How the Customer Can Save the Shortcut Icon on Android

The diner should open the URL on their phone’s Chrome browser and tap the Menu icon at the top right.

The diner should tap Install app.

The diner should follow the on-screen prompts.

The Customer Web App will be saved as a shortcut to the Home screen.

When the diner launches the Customer Web App from the saved app, it will present as if it is a native app.

Updating the App

Unlike a phone app web app, the diner will not need to update the app anytime you make changes (change colors, add new functionality, etc.)

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