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Menu Management 2.0: General Navigation and Operation

Top Level Options

To edit your menu, click the Menu option on your cloud portal’s left menu pane.

1.  If you are creating a new menu, the best way to proceed is in order of the options under Menu. That is first set up Taxes, then Sales Categories, then Menu Pages, and so on.

2.  If you want to reduce the width of the left menu pane, click the “hamburger” icon.

3.  Most Menu option pages provide a Create button. To create a new Sales Category, Menu Category, Modifier Group, etc. simply click the appropriate Create button.

4.  You will see a table of already existing items for that option (for example, Menu Items you’ve already created) along with some key settings. If you see an arrow () you can click on the column’s header to toggle between an alphabetical sort and a reverse alphabetical sort.

5.  You can click on a created item to edit.

6.  If you see an X next to an item, you can click on it to delete.

7.  Some screens allow you to manually sort items. This will affect the order they appear to the server or the diner for various TouchBistro apps like Online Ordering, Kiosk, and Menu Board. To manually sort, click and hold on the item’s “pick up” control and drag and drop the item to its new location in the order.

Item Editing

When you create a new item or click on an existing item to edit it, you are taken to an edit page. Edit pages have many similar controls.

1.  If you add a new item or edit an existing one, you can save your changes by clicking Save. To abandon your changes, click Close.

2.  Edit pages have a number of fields that need to be filled out. Some are required and are labelled as such.

3.  Some fields are drop-down boxes and allow you to select from a defined list.

4.  Some drop-down boxes allow you to select multiple options. Once added they will be displayed. You can remove a selected item by clicking its X icon.

Synching with TouchBistro POS

When you make changes to your menu on Menu Management, changes will synch to your TouchBistro POS restaurant automatically within a few minutes. Likewise if you make changes to your menu on your iPad, you will see these reflected in Menu Management automatically within a few minutes.

Note: You need to have TouchBistro POS running on your iPad and your restaurant open to see these changes. If you are using Menu Management to add/edit items for TouchBistro Online Ordering, you will likewise need TouchBistro POS running on your iPad and your restaurant open for changes to take effect. Menu Management does not push changes directly to your Online Ordering menu.

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