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How to Factory Reset a Star SP700 Printer


At times, support may direct you to do a factory reset on your SP700 thermal printer, removing the Static IP setting and returning your printer to the factory default DHCP setting. This guide will help you return your printer to its factory default DHCP setting.


To reset, follow these steps:

1. Turn off your printer, and unplug the Cat5 ethernet cable from the printer.

2. Turn on the printer and wait 20 seconds to be ready.

3. Using a pen, paperclip, or similar tool push the red button on the back of the printer next to the Ethernet port. Continue holding down the button until the end of step 7.

4. The ethernet port is equipped with two indicator lights one red and one green, which will flash in the following 15-second sequence:

5. Both red and green lights will blink simultaneously for 5 seconds

6. The red light will blink on its own for 5 seconds.

7. The green light will blink on its own for 5 seconds.

8. When both lights begin blinking simultaneously again, release the button for 1 second.

9. Immediately press it again.

10. The lights will stop blinking for 7 seconds

11. The lights will then blink alternately. At this point, release the button.

12. Turn the printer off.

You are now ready to set a new static IP. Please see Setting Up a Star SP700 Impact Printer for more details.

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