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Enabling Menu Management in TouchBistro

Enabling in TouchBistro

Before you can begin editing your menu via the Cloud site, you need to enable it in the TouchBistro app.

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings.

2. Tap TouchBistro Cloud.

3. Enable Menu Management. Follow the on-screen prompt.

4. If you visit the Menu page (Admin | Admin Settings | Menu), you will see a limited number of setup options. The normal set of Menu options are now only available via the Remote Menu Management cloud page.

5. Launch a browser and access

6. Login with account name and password for this venue back when you registered TouchBistro.

7. Your options for editing your menu and aspects of your restaurant ard under the Menu section. If you do not see a Menu section, verify you enable Menu Management on the iPad.

8. Menu Management is divided into three sections. Menu Options, Restaurant, and Bulk Upload.

9. The Menu Management/TouchBistro app equivalent is illustrated above for Menu Options.

10. The Menu Management/TouchBistro app equivalent is illustrated above for Restaurant.

11. See this chart for links to the appropriate Admin Menu guide section:

Menu Management

Admin Guide



Menu Categories


Sales Categories




Tax Settings


Gratuity Settings








Take Out


Payout Reasons


Takeout Types


12. After adding menu items and setting things like taxes and gratuities, you will be prompted along the bottom of the screen to publish your changes to the iPad.

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