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Digital Gift Card FAQ


Below you will find several common questions about TouchBistro Loyalty’s Digital Gift Card module.

Not Yet a Digital Gift Card Subscriber?

What countries and languages are supported?

You must be a US- or Canada-based restaurant. Features are available only in English.

Do TouchBistro Digital Gift Cards support multi-location?

Yes. There is a per-location fee, however.

Do I have to purchase additional hardware to use TouchBistro Digital Gift Cards?

No additional hardware is required.

Do I also need to subscribe to the Loyalty module?

You can use Digital Gift Cards and the Customer Web App without subscribing to the loyalty package.

I’m currently using another gift card integration. Can I migrate my existing customers to TouchBistro Digital Gift Cards?

That is not supported at this time.

Common User Questions

Can a customer cancel or refund a card once purchased?

No. This is not possible.

What are the minimum and maximum value additions for a Digital Gift Card?

You can’t add values less than $5 to a card. You can’t add values greater than $100.

Can diners use Digital Gift Card to pay for online orders or use them to hold reservations in TouchBistro Reservations?

No. Diners can only redeem

I’ve changed my payment account. What do I have to do?

On your TouchBistro Loyalty portal, click Gift Cards | Payment Route. Select your new account.

How do I reconcile Digital Gift Card payments across my multiple venues?

You should download the transactions CSV report from the Gift Cards section of the Loyalty portal. Find the SUM of Credit amounts at each location and the SUM of debit amounts at each location. These amounts can then be used to reconcile.

A diner has no balance on a Digital Gift Card he/she just bought or the balance seems incorrect. What should I do?

Have the diner provide a Reference ID. Download the gift card report CSV and filter for that specific Reference ID to track all transaction behavior of that card. Using the CSV, check to see if the card exists at all and whether it has been redeemed.

How do I sell Digital Gift Cards from my website?

Simply add a link to your Customer Web App on your website. Purchasers do not have to register and can opt to purchase a digital gift card using the guest option.

Does the Digital Gift Card need to be activated once received?

No. It’s automatically live.

When Digital Gift Cards are sent, what kind of alerts are generated?

The diner (purchaser) will receive an email receipt as confirmation of payment. The recipient will receive the gift card email. The diner (purchaser) can ask the recipient if they received the email to double-check.

The Digital Gift Card purchaser provided the wrong email address. What can I do?

Unfortunately, Digital Gift Cards are final sale and cannot be clawed back if sent to the wrong email address. If you are manually processing a new Digital Gift Card, double-check with the purchaser that the email is correct. If the purchaser attempts to send a gift card to an email address that does not exist, the email will bounce back and the payment for the gift card will not process.

How do diners leave a tip when paying with a Digital Gift Card?

Enter the full amount to charge plus the tip amount. Any overpayment is recorded as a tip. If you are not paying the full amount, you cannot, however, designate part of the partial payment as tip.

Can a Digital Gift Card be sent via SMS?

Phone numbers can not be used for the delivery of gift cards.

What information is reported in the Gift Card Usage report?

In addition to personal information on the purchaser and recipient, the venue owner will have access to all of the following information for every unique gift card transaction, filterable by any time frame they choose. This will provide comprehensive data for troubleshooting, reporting, and reconciliation purposes:

Gift card Reference ID
Credit amount
Debit amount
Previous balance (before the transaction)
New balance (after the transaction)
Activity type (GIFTCARDPURCHASE, etc.)
Origin (POS, PWA, ADMIN, etc.)
Location (Venue ID)
Date created (YYYY-MM-DD 00:00)
Purchaser Email
Purchaser Phone Number
Purchaser First/Last Name
Recipient Email
Recipient Phone
Recipient First/Last Name
Transaction Date

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