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Refunds and Voids


You can correct payment errors in one of two ways:

  • Voiding (removing the payment from the batch before it get submitted)
  • Refunding (performing a negative transaction to return the funds to the customer’s credit card)

Note: Refunds can only be done after after your batch has been submitted. Voids can only be done while the payment is still part of the batch.

Voiding a Bill before you Close Your Day

If your payment is still in your batch, you cannot do a refund. You can only void the payment.

1. From your floor plan, tap Orders.

2. Tap the bill you wish to refund and tap the More button. Tap Void Sale.

3. After tapping Void Sale, tap Void Payment. TouchBistro will generate two void receipts. One you can give to your customer.

4. The bill will still exist in your system. However, you will see the voided amount on your Payment and Refund Totals report on your end of day.

Performing a Refund

Refunds can be processed after your batch has been submitted.

Those bills are found in Bill / Guest Check History.

1. Locate the bill, tap the bill preview, and tap Refund Sale. Select either Full or Partial Refund.

2. If you tapped Full Refund, simply tap the Refund option and follow the onscreen prompts.

3. If you tapped Partial Refund, remove the items that should not be funded and tap Checkout. Tap the integrated refund option and follow the prompts.

Note: Refunds do not require the customer presenting the original card.

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