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Creating a Curated Menu Specifically for Menu Board

Why Create a Curated Menu Specifically for your Menu Board?

You may find that your current menu isn’t arranged in such a way as to best use Menu Board. However, rearranging your current menu setup in order to make your Menu Board look great might be disorienting for staff when taking orders.

In TouchBistro POS, you can create a hidden, Curated Menu which can be used for your Menu Board. This menu can contain up to 5 Menu Categories, each containing the corresponding Menu Items you wish to display.

Because Menu Board doesn’t display sizing or modifications, you may wish to create Hidden Menu Items for each available size of any given drink, along with their corresponding prices. For example, if you sell three sizes of coffee, but use Modifiers to select sizing and pricing, then you can create a Hidden Menu Item for each individual size. These items would not be available to servers when ringing up orders, but would only be visible on the Menu Board.

Bear in mind that by creating a curated menu, with unique menu categories and menu items, you are essentially duplicating existing menu items. Therefore, if you change the price of an item in the menu, you must also change it on the Menu Board separately.

Creating Menu Categories for your Curated Menu Board

Your Menu Board can display up to 5 categories. For example, you might have categories for Drinks, Appetizers, Mains, etc.

If you do not create 5 categories, you will not have access to the Menu Board layout that requires 5 categories. If you create only one category, you’ll have access only to the layout that contains a single category.

To create a Menu Category:

1.  Go to Admin > Admin Settings > Menu > Menu Categories and tap the Add + icon.

2.  Enter the category’s name in the Name field. To avoid confusion with pre-existing categories, you might want to use names which haven’t yet been used, although this is not required. For example, Breakfast might be named All-Day Breakfast. Bear in mind that this category name will appear on your Menu Board screen.

3.  Tap Icon.

4.  Select an icon to represent this Menu Category. If you have created Menu Categories for your Menu Board with the same names as existing Menu Categories, you can differentiate them using this icon. In this example, all Menu Board categories will use the Mango icon.

5.  Make sure and enable the Hide feature, so that this Menu Category won’t be confused with the “real” Menu Category used in the POS.

Repeat the above steps to create up to 5 categories, representing the categories to be seen on the Menu Board. In this case, these categories are identifiable because they are all using the Mango icon, and have no assigned color.

Bear in mind, that you may use any icon or color to identify these hidden menus. The names you use for these categories will appear on-screen, on your Digital Menu Board.

Creating a Menu for your Menu Board

This menu will be hidden from non-administrative staff, and is set up for use with Menu Board exclusively.

1.  Go to Admin | Admin Settings | Menu | Menus.

2.  Tap the Add + icon.

3.  Type Menu Board (or something similar) in the Name field. Make sure that this menu is Disabled by tapping the Enabled switch to the off position.

4.  Tap Add Menu Category.

5.  Select one of the Menu Categories you created for your Menu Board. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each Menu Category you created for this Menu Board. In this case, the Menu Categories can be identified by the Mango icon.

6.  Rearrange the Menu Categories to choose which ones get preference on the Menu Board dragging the handles on the right of each Current Menu Category up or down. The higher priority the Menu Category, the more items within that category may be shown, depending on the layout you select. Note that sorting alphabetically or by price in Menu Category settings will not change the order of Menu Items on the Menu Board. 

6.  Enable Digital Menu Board.

7.  Tap Done.

Adding Menu Items to your Menu Board

You now have a Menu, which contains 5 Menu Categories, but without any Menu Items within it. At this stage you can start adding the menu items you wish to be displayed on your Menu Board.

The Menu Board items require a Name, and a Price. Most of the other options are not important, because these Items are being added for display on your Menu Board, not for actual POS purposes.

1.  Go to Admin > Admin Settings > Menu > Menu Items. Here, you will see all the Menu Categories in TouchBistro. Tap a Menu Category created in the previous exercise. In our example here, we used a Mango icon to remind us of which ones we created specifically for our Menu Board.

2.  Tap the Add + icon.

4.  Type in the Name and Price of the Menu Item you’d like to add. This should reflect the same name and price applied to the item already in the Menu. You may also wish to indicate that this Menu Item was created specifically for your Menu Board in the Notes field.

5.  Tap Done.

6.  A Warning dialog box will appear to let you know that no printer has been selected. This item will not be available for POS purposes, and therefore no printer is required. Tap Continue.

7.  Once you’ve added the Menu Items, you can click Sort to choose how they’ll appear on your Menu Board.

8.  Use the handles on the right of the Menu Item to drag it up or down to manually sort them. Items higher up on the list will be given Menu Board priority.

9.  Tap Done in the top right-hand corner.

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