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Creating a Prix Fixe Menu or Tasting Menu


Many restaurants offer a 3-course prix fixe menu or a variety of tasting menus with multiple courses. There’s a single charge for the prix fixe or tasting menu. You might be inclined to create a menu item and then use Menu Item modifiers set for a $0 price to create such menu items. However, since these items have multiple courses you may want to control Fire order times or course the items. You do not have the ability to Fire or course menu items when used as modifiers.

A better way to create such menu items is to create menu categories for your tasting menu item or your prix fixe special and then enter apps, mains, and desserts (plus any wine pairings) as $0 menu items under the category. Finally, you can color code apps, mains, desserts, and drinks to help the server understand the option separation.

Setting Up Your Prix Fixe or Tasting Menu

Here are the suggested steps to set up such a menu item:

1. Access Admin | Admin Settings | Menu. Tap Menu Categories.

2. Tap the Add + icon to create categories for your prix fixe or tasting menu. For example, create Prix Fixe Lunch and Prix Fixe Dinner categories.

3. Set the Default Printer for your appropriate kitchen printer. Tap Done.

4. Return to the Menu screen and tap Menu Items.

5. Access your first prix fixe or tasting menu category.

6. Tap the Add + icon to add your prix fixe or tasting menu item.

7. Enter its name (“Prix Fixe Lunch”, “Tasting Menu 1”, etc.). Give it the actual price that will appear on the guest check. So if you’re charging $20 for a three course prix fixe lunch item, enter $20 in the Price field.

8. Enter a description with instructions about options.

9. For your Printer setting, ensure this is going to your appropriate kitchen printer. Because you are also sending $0 menu items, you will want your cooks to know not to prepare $0 menu items unless the prix fixe or tasting menu item is part of the kitchen ticket/chit. This helps prevent servers from ordering $0 menu items and avoiding charging friends. As well it can help alert the kitchen that the actual course items are part of a prix fixe or tasting menu special and may require different portion sizes.

10. Tap Icon Color and set it for white to help identify it as different from the course options.

11. Tap Done.

12. Now you’re ready to start adding app, main, and dessert options. Tap the Add + icon to add your first app option.

13. Give your first app a name and give it a $0 price.

14. Under Printers, ensure this item is going to the correct printer. It will, by default, go to the printer you set up for the Prix Fixe category. However, suppose this is a dessert course and you want it to go to a pastry station printer. Tap Printers and then select the non-default printer this item should go to.

15. Tap Course and set an explicit course for this item. For example, if this is an app option for the prix fixe menu, select Course 1.

16. Tap Icon Color and give this menu item plus all other similar menu items a similar color. For example, all app options are tagged as red. All main options are tagged as blue. All dessert options are tagged as purple.

17. Tap Done when you’ve created your first menu item.

18. Tap the Add + icon to add additional app, main, and dessert options.

19. Verify your prix fixe or tasting menu options are all correct. Make sure the options all have $0 prices. Tap < Menu Categories to complete other prix fixe items (e.g., “Prix Fixe Dinner”) or different tasting menus (e.g., “Tasting Menu 2” or “Vegetarian Tasting Menu”).

19. Menu settings page and tap Menu. Tap the Add + icon.

20. In the Name field enter Prix Fixe. Tap Add Menu Category to add your Prix Fixe Menu Categories.

21. Tap Done.

22. Finally, tap Bill & Chit, open Bill/Guest Checks Layout Ensure your Print Zero Priced Menu Items is not enabled. This way you can add the app/main/dessert $0 options to your Order screen but the only item that will appear on the guest check is the initial prix fixe or tasting menu item you entered with the actual price for the menu item.

Using Your Prix Fixe or Tasting Menu Item

1. Open a table. Change your view to the text view with the View icon. Open the prix fixe or tasting menu category.

2. You’ll see the items have the icon color coding you setup.

3. Tap the first item (“Prix Fixe Lunch”) so it’s properly charged out to the guest check.

4. Now you can use the color coding to work the customer through the app/main/dessert options.

5. Use the Course or Send options when you’re ready to send items to the kitchen or send fire orders.

6. When you’re ready to check out the customers, tap Checkout. You’ll notice since you disabled Print Zero Priced Menu Items, the only menu items to appear on the customer guest check are the priced prix fixe items. If you prefer the app/main/dessert options to appear, you can enable Print Zero Priced Menu Items.

Working with the List View

Using the Text button view with color coding is the recommended way to help organize your prix fixe or tasting menu options. However, you may prefer to use the TouchBistro “classic” List view. Below is a suggested way to better visually group app/main/dessert options.

1. Create “dummy” zero priced menu items to create headers. For example, create — Apps –, — Mains –, and — Desserts — zero priced headers. Use some dashes in the item name to help create a visual header. Give each header a $0 price.

2. If you create these header items after the fact, use the Sort option to arrange your headers.

3. Tap and hold the header item’s associated Pick Up bars and then drag the header item to its appropriate spot. Tap Done when you’ve moved your header items.

4. On the Order screen, these header items will appear in your list and help signal to the server the option categories.

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