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Restaurant Information

The Restaurant Information page lets you configure your restaurant’s contact details, enable/review your license, and gives you access to key details about your iPad and your version of TouchBistro.

Restaurant Details

Your first task when setting up TouchBistro is to complete your restaurant details under Restaurant Information.

Complete your restaurant name, address, and other details. If your jurisdiction requires a business number to appear on the receipt, complete the Business Number field.

Information entered here will appear on receipts, reports, and other printed/electronic customer-facing/administrative items TouchBistro might generate. The Country field setting is used to determine the currency symbol used by Cloud Reporting. For example, if you would like your cloud reports to display the £ symbol, ensure Country is set to United Kingdom.

Ensure anything entered here is appropriate for public consumption. The Email, Facebook, and Website fields are currently not used on any customer-facing items.

Note: avoid using non-alphanumeric characters in the Name field. Avoid, particularly, an ampersand (&). Integrated payment processors like Tsys use your restaurant information to process payments and non-alphanumeric characters might be interpreted as control codes and result in a processing error.

Applying Your License

Next, you should register an account with TouchBistro by using one of the options in the Licensing Information section.  If you tap, Extend Free Trial, TouchBistro will require you to register.

Note: You need to have Internet access to use this screen.

If you already have a registered license, tap Log In.


At the bottom of your Restaurant Information screen is a Diagnostics button. It’s good practice to check your iPad’s file storage amount before installing updates.

Note: You need to have Internet access to use this screen.

We recommend having at least 1 GB of available storage before updating TouchBistro. TouchBistro and approved companion apps should never reduce your available storage to under 1 GB. If you are low on available storage, you likely have a number of pictures or other large files (MP3s or non approved companion apps) on the iPad. Delete these to free up storage.

Refreshing Your License on Your iPad (Integrated Pro Server)

Some integrations require you to refresh your license. Other times if support makes changes to your license you will be required to refresh your license. To do this:

1. Tap Admin | Admin Settings in the top right-hand corner.

2. Tap Restaurant Information.

3. Tap Refresh License.

4. Tap OK.

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