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Cash Drawers


TouchBistro supports:

MMF Val-u-Line

  • MMF-VL1616E-04 (recommended by TouchBistro)
  • MMF-VL1313E-04 (recommended by TouchBistro)
  • MMF-VL1616E-06
  • MMF-VL1313E-06
  • MMF-VL1416E-04
  • MMF 225-1516442-E5 (Legacy model)
  • MMF 225-1516442-04 (Legacy model)
  • MMF 225-1516742-04 (Legacy model)

Star Micronics

  • CD3-1616 (part numbers 37965570, 37965580, 37965590, 37965600 )
  • CD3-1313 (part numbers 37965530, 37965540, 37965550, 37965560)
  • CB2002
  • SMD2-1317BK44
  • SMD2-1317WT44
  • SMD2-1317WTC35


  • VBS320-BL1915-CC
  • VP320-BL1616
  • VP320-BL1416

MMF/Star Cash Drawer Cable

MMF and Star cash drawers use an RJ12 connection. This connection looks similar to a telephone jack/cable but requires an RJ12 cable. Star and MMF Value-u-Line cash drawers come with the RJ12 “Kwick kable” included. There’s no need to purchase one separately. The cable goes from your printer to the back of the cash drawer. TouchBistro may work with printer-driven cash registers sold by other companies, however, for guaranteed compatibility TouchBistro suggests the models listed above (e.g., the MMF Val-u-Line MMF-VL1616E-04 or the Star CD3-1616).


If you purchased a non-MMF/Star cash drawer (e.g., the APG line), ensure you purchase the manufacturer’s recommended cash drawer cable. Not all cash drawers use the RJ12 cable. See this image for a visual guide to the difference between the RJ12 cable and the APG cable.

Non Star/MMF/APG Cash Registers

Many cash drawers will work with the Star printer’s RJ12 port and open automatically. These are usually described as “automatic cash drawers” or “printer driven cash drawers”. If you have a non Star/MMF/APG cash drawer, TouchBistro may be compatible but TouchBistro may not be able to provide installation/technical support for non Star/MMF/APG cash drawers. Our support and install teams are not trained on installing/troubleshooting non Star/MMF/APG cash drawers.

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