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Uploading Menu Items in Bulk using Menu Management 1.0


Using a Comma-Separated-Values file (CSV) you edit in Excel or Google Sheets, you can batch upload multiple pre-defined menu items.


1. You cannot batch upload updates to existing menu items.

2. You cannot set your menu image/thumbnail.

3. You can’t set the tax setting.

4. There is no batch delete ability.

Accessing the Bulk Upload Feature

1. Click Bulk Upload.

3. If this is your first time doing a bulk upload, download the sample CSV. It will give you the proper column headers required for the bulk upload.

4. Download it to a folder.

Completing the Template

5. Open the template in a spreadsheet.

6. Complete each row.

7. Add additional menu items as necessary. Do not add your own columns.

Note: Do not add more than 200 menu items at a time.

8. Make sure you save the file as a Comma-Separated Values file with a CSV extension. If it does not let you, save it as a text file, and rename the .TXT extension to .CSV.


1. Return to the Bulk Creation page and click Choose File.

2. Locate your file.

3. Click Upload Process.

4. Cloud will take a moment to upload and process and then show you the results (pass/failed).

5. Click Menu Options | Categories. Click a category you upload new menu items to. For example, Mains.

6. You will see your new items.

7. Upload a menu image, complete Modifier Groups (if necessary), and set Taxes (if necessary). These items are optional.

Full List of Menu Item Fields Editable in the App

The full list of items you can specify on the app:

Note: the Name, Price, Open, Cost, Notes, and Description fields are not editable, although they are not greyed out. This is for reading convenience only. You cannot edit these fields and have them post back to Cloud.

Full List of Menu Category Fields Editable in the App

If you are creating new Menu Categories through Cloud, you will need to return to the app to specify the following:

Failed Job

If any of the menu items failed upload, you will see how many menu items failed and you can download a CSV file. If even one item causes a fail, the bulk upload process will reject all menu items for inclusion. You will need to correct the CSV file.

1. Click Download Results.

2. Open the failed jobs report. It will show you the menu items that could not be imported.

3. Cloud will add two columns. Status indicates the menu item failed to import. Reason indicates which field it failed on and the reason. For example, the Sales Category was either blank OR it had a Sales Category it did not recognize (you put “Main” instead of “Mains”). Failed cells will be returned blank.

4. If there are multiple problems with a row, the import may not report all cells it has failed on. It may just report the first incorrect cell the process found and failed on. Review all other cells in the row for other possible errors.

5. You can use this CSV to make corrections. Delete the Status and Reason columns. Save it. And then repeat the bulk upload procedure with this file.

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