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Employee Spotlight: Trevor Tibble

Manager, Product Support | 5.5 Years at TouchBistro

Trevor Tibble

What do you do here at TouchBistro? How has your role/department evolved over the years?

I joined TouchBistro over 5 years ago to support frontlines.I’ve since then worked various roles and now am one of  the department managers. The Support team has tripled in size since I started, and it’s been amazing to see my colleagues develop and grow with it. We have a great multi-cultural team with various industry backgrounds from all over the world, which I believe has helped us to understand our international and varied customers so well.

What is the problem your team is solving?

Anything and everything! We do whatever we can to help fix customer issues – whether it’s a server trying to perform a refund, an accountant figuring out staff pay, or a printer that has actually been melted by a deep fryer. We’re here to ensure our customers can run their restaurant without worrying about the technical side.

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career to date? 

Changing industries for sure. I came from video production, where I was editing news before I moved on to commercials and trailers. When I joined TouchBistroI had to learn a whole new industry and adapt to a completely different role which, as you can imagine, was super tough. I was still quite new to living in Canada as well, which brings its own challenges. I’m forever grateful that it worked out and I have no regrets, as it has been extremely rewarding to work at a company that values internal growth so much.

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on at TB? 

I’m managing a project with a fantastic partner right now, who is enabling us to provide onsite installations. I’m really excited for it, as it is something our customers often ask for and we can now say yes. It’s been amazing working with other teams closer than ever, overseeing a project for the first time,working with budgets etc. Overall, this project has really pushed me out of my comfort zone.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sausage rolls. I’m from the UK and miss them so much. They’re the first thing I get whenever I return and have them daily until I leave. I’m still searching for ones that taste as good in Canada.

Who is your favorite artist/what is your favorite pump up song right now?

Anything by Jungle right now. Particularly their latest album Volcano where every track is a banger.

What is your ultimate guilty pleasure TV show/movie?

The Fast & Furious movies got me through the pandemic. They’re silly but have some good family values and even better cars, plus they teach you to make friends with your enemies – how good of a message is that? I must admit my hot wheels set of cars,including Brian’s Supra from the various films is a prized possession of mine and it’s impossible for me to hear the song See You Again without getting a tear in my eye.

Do you have any pets? Give us an intro!

I have two cats and a dog, which  are all rescues and we often joke that one of the cats, Rocket, is more of a dog than our actual dog, Grace. He plays fetch, drools, and has a never ending appetite. Grace used to be a frequent visitor to our old office building a few years ago, but if you’ve been in a meeting with me recently you will have seen the other tuxedo cat, Scully, who is very present on Zoom and isn’t afraid to help me with my mouse!

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