Souvlaki GR

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Full Service / Manhattan, New York

About Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki GR was originally established in 2010 as a food truck. Since then, they have moved to their location on Stanton Street and opened a second location in Midtown.

Dine at Souvlaki GR to enjoy a little taste of Mykonos in the heart of NYC.

Exterior of Souvlaki GR
"[TouchBistro] works the way New Yorkers work: it runs fast, it runs smooth, and it doesn't stop working."
Daniel Tapia
Souvlaki, GR / Manhattan, New York
Table filled with food at Souvlaki GR

TouchBistro help

When Souvlaki GR gets busy, it is quite busy. They need a reliable POS to help manage many orders and move freely around the restaurant.

At the end of service, Souvlaki GR uses TouchBistro’s robust reporting to gain insight in sales, inventory, and to manage staff.

Daniel from Souvlaki GR would recommend TouchBistro to anyone who is trying to grow in a business.

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