Pietro NoLita

Learn how TouchBistro helps Pietro NoLita turn tables faster
Favourite Feature:
  • Menu Management
Full Service / Manhattan, New York

About Pietro NoLita

Pietro NoLita is a unique pink jewel box in the heart of Nolita.


Based in Soho this little eatery boasts a vibrant menu and serves delicious, healthy, seasonal Italian cuisine.

TouchBistro is very reliable. With 250 guests coming throughout the day, it has never let me down.
Pietro Quaglia
Pietro Nolita / New York City

Pietro NoLita turns tables faster with the help of TouchBistro

Pietro NoLita was able to quickly learn to use TouchBistro to help improve the efficiency in both the back and front of house.


Being such a small venue and with such a high volume of customers coming throughout the day, Pietro NoLita needs a POS that is simple to use, quick, and reliable.


TouchBistro offers just that, and more!

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