Pacific Standard

TouchBistro helps Pacific Standard decrease their pour cost by 55% in six months.
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  • Reporting & Analytics
Bar / Brooklyn, New York

About Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard is a California microbrewery in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Pacific Standard specializes in American Craft Beers and uses 1 TouchBistro licence to help accelerate their business growth.

Image of beer pint at Pacific Standard
When we instituted TouchBistro we went from a 40% pour cost to an 18% pour cost in a six month span. We will be opening another location in a few months and I will be using it there, and I will continue to recommend it to friends because it has helped us immensely.
Ryan Kahl
Pacific Standard / Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY
Pacific Standard Owner Ryan Kahl

Ryan from Pacific Standard improved their pour cost and uses TouchBistro to fuel business decisions.

Pacific Standard used to operate using pen and paper. For a brewery with a high pour rate, it was difficult to track inventory and sales this way.

Pacific Standard uses TouchBistro’s food and alcohol costs, sales reports, void reports, and the modifier report to gain insight in their daily business performance.

The most important thing that Ryan looks at is how much product has been sold and how much it will cost to serve products.

After all, the more TouchBistro can help a business to save on costs, the better it is for our customers.

“These insights help us decide whether or not we keep an item on the menu, what beers are trending, and what cocktails are doing well.”

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