Léa French Street Food

TouchBistro’s Self Ordering Kiosk has improved customer service and increased sales.
Favourite Feature:
  • Self Ordering Kiosk
Quick Service / Oak Park, IL

About Léa French Street Food

Léa French Street Food is focused on delivering a memorable customer experience by offering traditional French comfort food with farm fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their selection of artisanal pastries and breads are baked daily in a stone deck oven. Their customers explore their menu and place orders directly from the TouchBistro Self Ordering Kiosk.

Product Image of pastries at Lea French Food
With the self ordering, the customer just discovers the menu in a different way, which helps us increase the average check size and the bottom line.
Colleen Wagner
Léa French Street Food / Oak Park, IL
Image of TouchBistro Kiosk

Self Ordering Kiosk has resulted in a 2x increase in revenue

TouchBistro is the best fit for Léa French Street Food because of its user-friendly interface that allows customers to easily customize their order using modifiers. The system helps guide patrons to order and upgrade items, which increases the average check size.

“I looked at pretty much every other point of sale and self ordering option that there was and TouchBistro was definitely the best by far in terms of being customer centric.”

The fully customizable user interface allows you to merchandize high-profit menu items, share detailed info about nutritional information and ingredients, and highlight promotions.

“TouchBistro really focuses on innovation and the customer experience”

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