English Setter Brewery

Learn how TouchBistro helps English Setter Brewing manage their unique venue
Favourite Feature:
  • Floor Plan & Table Management
Brewery / Spokane Valley, WA

TouchBistro's ease of use helps English Setter Brewing to manage their patrons

Using TouchBistro’s Floor Plan and Table Management features, Jeff and his staff are able to easily track and manage patrons as the move throughout the restaurant.

“We’re different than a restaurant in that our customers don’t sit and stay in one place. They move around to visit friends, move to the outdoor seating and then back inside, and combine tables when more people show up.


TouchBistro allows us to not only track where they are, but who they are and what they have ordered, no matter which of our wait staff is taking care of them.”

Image of a beer flight at English Setter Brewery
"TouchBistro allows us to track our top 60% of menu items. We're now able to quickly eliminate and replace any items that haven't been selling well."
Jeff Bendio
English Setter Brewery / Spokane Valley, Washington

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