The Cornelia Street Cafe

TouchBistro helps The Cornelia Street Cafe improve service
Favourite Feature:
  • Tableside Order Management
Full Service / New York, NY

About The Cornelia Street Cafe

The Cornelia Street Cafe has always been known as a local artist cafe in the west village. They have been serving superb food, excellent wines, convivial ambience, jazz, poetry, storytelling and fine art since 1977.

The Cornelia Street Cafe uses a TouchBistro Team plan to improve serving efficiency and guest experience.

Going tableside lets us spend more time with the customers, talk to them about food, wine, and pairings.
Jonathan Liska
Cornelia St. Cafe / New York, NY
Cornelia Street Cafe Owner Jonathan Liska

Learn how The Cornelia Street Cafe improves service using TouchBistro

For 38 years, The Cornelia Street Cafe used hand written checks. But when you have a small room of 60 seats filled with people during a show, it’s difficult to manage so many orders with so little resources.

This is why The Cornelia Street Cafe chose TouchBistro – to be able to go table side and spend more time with the customers, talk about food and wine pairings more efficiently.

“TouchBistro just makes our life so much better.” – Jonathan Liska, General Manager of The Cornelia Street Cafe.

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