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Customer Experience

The 5 Customers Who Will Go To Your Coffee Shop


Tiffany Regaudie

You love them, you love to hate them, you can’t live without them. Every morning, your very own cast of coffee shop characters amble into your business, bleary eyed and jonesing for their first (or fifth) hit of caffeine.

After a while, you start to notice patterns. Like the guy who’s asking questions about your new cold brew is always standing in front of your merch shelf. Or the woman who’s always ordering while on her cell phone starts to squirm if her double Americano takes more than two minutes to make.

While customer profiling can only get you so far, all this categorization leads to one question: how do you keep all your customers happy? Here are five customers who will visit your coffee shop and how to keep them happy and coming back.

The Coffee Nerd

man in orange vest holding a red coffee cup

This coffee aficionado loves what you do – and maybe likes to talk to you about it while a line forms behind them. You’re all for chatting up customers about your new blend, but you’re also hyper aware of those less enthusiastic customers who just want their coffee, now.

How to make them happy: Invite them to your next coffee event. This customer is obviously invested in your brand, so you’ll want to nurture their interest – when you have time. Let them know you’d love to have an in-depth conversation and where they can find you at your city’s next coffee nerd get together. 

The Wifi Obsessor 

lady using phone and tablet keyboard

No matter how many times you tell them the wifi password, they (and their devices) can’t seem to remember it. No matter how many times you point to the password’s location at yourcounter, they never remember to look. And if your connection goes down for even a minute, they’ll be the first ones to ask you what’s happening. While most people need wifi at their local coffee shop, this person likely works remotely full-time and takes the obsession to a new level.

How to make them happy: You have an opportunity to show some serious customer love! Make some cute cards that list your wifi password, laminate it, and voila! – a great gift for all your workday regulars.

The Freelancer/Artist/Influencer Who Does … What Again?

girl using headphones, mobile, macbook and drinking coffee

This person is definitely no slave to a nine-to-five schedule, but they hang out almost daily and you know they’re working hard at something. Sometimes they bring in other creative types for meetings, but you’re not exactly sure what they discuss during said meetings. They mostly like their coffee black, but they can appreciate some great latte art, too.

How to make them happy: Ask them about what they do. Artists and freelancers live off their networks, and you may just know someone who can hire their services. They’ll remember that you took an interest and probably choose to hang out at your spot when they land another gig.

The Socially Conscious Hipster


Similar to the Coffee Nerd, this person will not shut up about the type of bean they love but also insist on knowing where it comes from. The socially conscious coffee hipster serves an important function in society by holding establishments accountable to the coffee world at large, namely the workers who harvest the beans.

Which is great! You could talk about that for days. But you have a business to run, and they don’t.

How to make them happy: Humor them and drop some knowledge they can chew on for a bit. Like did you know “fairtrade came about in response to the struggles of Mexican coffee farmersfollowing the collapse of world coffee prices in 1988”? Show that you know your stuff, and the hipster will come to respect you.

The Anxious Speed Demon

woman rushing with coffee and briefcase

You can feel the anxiety coming off of this customer. They’re either late for a meeting or their boss is breathing down their neck. The point is, they are stressed and in a hurry and don’t have time for any shenanigans that don’t involve getting their caffeine, stat.

How to make them happy: Make automation your best friend. Your coffee shop’s POS should move your line as fast as possible by making it super easy for your staff to speed up every transaction they make. Like if an order costs $7.90 and your speed demon customer is paying cash, your POS should automatically know that they will most likely hand over a $10 or $20 bill. A one-tap option for your staff to make the right amount of change turns seconds into minutes, and rushed customers into happy ones.

We know you love your customers… for the most part. Owning a coffee shop means you get a sneak peek into someone’s soul before they’ve had their morning brew, which really means you get to see people at their most vulnerable. Turn that knowledge into happy customers and watch your profits soar.

Tiffany was the Content Marketing Manager at TouchBistro, where she shared knowledge with restaurateurs on how to run their business. She's passionate about traveling the world and getting to know communities through great food.

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