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How Diners Choose Restaurants [Report]

Can't figure out why guests keep choosing to grab a drink at the bar next door?

How Diners Choose Restaurants [Report]

What You'll Learn

  • Diner habits and what they mean for your business
  • Deal-makers and deal-breakers for potential diners
  • What research diners do before eating at a restaurant
  • How generation affects dining choices
  • How location impacts dining choices ...and more!

We know that getting customers through the door is half the battle.

So, we set out to understand how diners choose restaurants, including dining habits, decision-makers, and deal-breakers.

Working with an independent research firm, we surveyed 521 participants across the U.S. of varying ages, geographies, and life stages to find out what’s getting people in the door – and what’s keeping them out.

Find Out How Diners Choose Restaurants